Treating myself

Yesterday was grocery delivery day and I added a roast of beef to the list. This Friday would have been my Dad’s 85th birthday so I decided to buy something that we would usually cook for him. Of course the grocery guy comments because it’s not something I get and let’s be honest it’s expensive. Every year I consider going out on the day but considering it’s going to be -16 I think I’ll stay in! My Dad always had to have chocolate cake. One year Mom thought we could have a lighter meal since we have Christmas and New Years but Dad didn’t like it so she never did it again. My friend told me it’s nice how I continue to honour my parents by keeping the traditions.
I don’t really do resolutions but last year I told myself that I would take the time to treat myself.

These are flowers I bought after a Dr appointment last year. It was a particularly hard day and flowers cheer me up. I usually get one bunch but decided to get 2 and I love how the yellow flowers have a bit of red in them…combining Janet and my favourite colours. Going into a flower shop in the winter time is like smelling the hope of spring. It’s so colourful too. I don’t think people go into the flower shop to buy flowers for themselves because they always ask if I need a card. When I tell her no it’s for me she says good for you.

I consider this treating myself because I got the nice chairs and cushions. It’s a treat because even though at my house we had a large deck I didn’t have the time to sit outside or when I did it wasn’t relaxing because I was thinking about all the work I should be doing. Now I sit outside with a coffee after I walk home from the farmers market or eat lunch outside. In the evenings I sit and do the crossword.

Of course this last picture is a big purchase…a really big purchase. It is hanging in my dining room and I can look at it every time I sit down to eat. It’s treating myself to something that makes me happy.
That’s what all these pictures represent things that brighten my day.


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