It’s cold

Ok, I’m not “allergic” to the cold but as I write this it’s -21 without windchill (and frankly at that temperature does it really matter what the windchill is?) It’s only January 5th and I think many of us are already sick of winter. I need a haircut as I have been pushing my bangs out of my eyes for a week but it’s way too cold to venture outside.
Since I am sick of winter I thought today might be a good day to list the things I’m thankful for
1. Heat and that I pay a flat rate for hydro. Living in a house I remember how much it would go up when it’s this cold outside
2. I DON’T HAVE TO SHOVEL. We have a lot of snow this year that’s why this is worthy of capital letters
3. Clean clothes (finished my laundry yesterday and all put away)
4. Food in the fridge. Pretty sure I’m going to have to go out tomorrow since I’m running out of ideas for lunch
5. Electronic banking. As I mentioned it’s cold so to be able to pay bills and transfer money online from the comfort of my couch is great
6. Coupons. I got an electronic coupon for a haircut and ones in the mail for Tim Hortons. Now to just remember to print the coupon off
7. Friendly superintendents. Whenever he sees me in the halls he always teases me. They ask how I am. She will deliver a parcel to me if she happens to be in the lobby when the mail comes
8. My favourite shows are back on. I don’t know if anyone here watches Bull but it’s my new must watch. The Christmas episode was sweet
9. Friends to talk to (even if it’s electronically)
10. Less clutter. 2 years ago I did the 31 day challenge by Peter Walsh. In order to clean out a house it was the only way I could do it without getting overwhelmed (and there were days when I still was). Now everything has a home. It’s part of the personal growth thing that I talked about yesterday. I’m sentimental so I would keep a lot. When I cleaned out the house to sell I looked at items and wondered why did I keep this?
11. A cup of hot coffee in the morning


5 thoughts on “It’s cold

  1. I like your list and I lived in Alaska as a soldier, try -80 with the windchill. Oh yeah, living in a tent! Yes I love the things on your list and not the COLD!

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