Funnelling money

This is an election year for Ontarians…provincial in June and municipal is November. As of January 1st 2 items came into effect provincially. A minimum wage hike and free prescriptions for anyone under the age of 24. Unfortunately the minimum wage hike has become contentious (already?!) because small businesses have to make up the difference. These 2 items kind of go together because many people work part time and don’t have benefits. The government doesn’t cover ALL prescriptions but it’s a start. Anyone that has to pay for meds out of pocket knows every little bit helps. Our premier has been hated since the moment she took office so it will be interesting who the people choose to be our next premier.
Currently our council is debating BRT (bus rapid transit). It won’t go into affect this election year and I’m not sure what will happen when we get a new council. My Uncle walked to his local library yesterday which is about 3 blocks away. The sidewalks in his area weren’t plowed. If you take the bus in the wintertime you have to get off at the front of the bus otherwise you are climbing over a snow bank to get out. My Uncle has often said that our city is not pedestrian friendly.
After living in the same neighbourhood for 40 years I will now have to vote somewhere else. I don’t get a paper anymore so I go online for my information on the candidates. It’s also how I make sure I’m registered to vote. There is the saying that you aren’t supposed to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table well that didn’t happen with Dad’s family. Now we post our opinions on facebook.
It should be an interesting year


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