Not brilliant just finding things to make life easier

Growing up I lived in a house with only one phone jack. My Dad didn’t want one on the bedroom levels. When I was considering putting in internet I didn’t know if it was doable. When I got someone in to look at it he suggested putting in wireless access since it’s cheaper and I could split the line from downstairs. When my Dad died we kept his name on the phone for security reasons.
When my Mom got to a point where she could no longer drive I had to find a way to get groceries because although I could take a cab it was expensive and a lot of work carrying them in. I looked online and found the one that I still use. That hour or more that I saved could be spent doing laundry or any of the other chores that needed doing.
When I was looking for an apartment someone suggested in suite laundry facilities. It wasn’t something that I had thought of but it’s so convenient!
Whenever I get change lately I save it in a jar for farmer’s market in the spring so I don’t have to split a $20 to pay for a 2 dollar item. I now have a new shopping cart so I no longer have to worry about buying too much because I have to carry it home.
I take a cab in the winter time. While the sidewalks are “plowed” they are very narrow. I don’t want to have to climb over a snowbank to get onto the bus.
I order a lot of stuff online. I’m getting a prescription delivered (see above!).
While my Dad taught me about money there were things that I didn’t know a lot about. I’m learning. I’m actually using online banking and I’m getting pretty good at e-transfers.
I’m terrible at remembering passwords and have had to change some because of it. At least I know I’m not alone in this problem.
Yesterday school buses were cancelled but schools remained open. HUH? I noticed a few “brilliant” people who cleaned off their car but had a mound of snow on the roof. Of course all of our conversations the past few days have been about the snow.

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