There are many ways to interpret the word for today. Carving a turkey or wood but I thought of carving stone.
I remember going to the cemetery where my paternal grandparents are buried 20 years ago when we were having a family picnic nearby. It was the first time I had been since I was little. While my Dad’s youngest brother cleaned off the stone Janet and I wandered around to look at other stones. Janet and I both liked history and you can learn from reading the dates on the markers.
I went to the cemetery about a year and a half after Janet died. I took a picture on my camera so that my parents could see what the stone looked like finished. Now when I go I look at the words love never ends and hold that in my heart.
My Mom had a copy of the poem “The Dash” about what you put in between the dash on the marker. The date is carved on the stone but there is so much more to tell.
I am currently reading the Oprah magazine and the theme this month is what defines you. It made me think of the first time I told the woman that held bible study in their house many years ago that I had a blog. She couldn’t believe it. At the time we were quiet (partly because we had other people who were very chatty). I remember attending a class at the local library and I said I didn’t think of myself as a writer. She asked what do you do when you journal. Um write? Therefore you are a writer. The wonderful thing I learned while reading the magazine is that we don’t have to have the answer. It’s constantly changing.


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