Silence photo challenge


As I was thinking about this word I thought of all the different things that represent silence. My bedroom, a teddy bear (a good thing because the stories they could tell) snow.
I could’ve included the picture of a cup of coffee enjoyed on my balcony. But that isn’t silent because I hear dogs barking, birds chirping or the hum of the air conditioner. Construction nearby.
When I was going through my photos I thought of the single red rose on my table. The silent tears that roll down my check while standing at the cemetery.
The photo I decided on is one taken almost 10 years ago. A friend and I bought a balloon at the market downtown as a tribute to my twin for our birthday. This is at a park that I now live beside. I know that even though the act of releasing the balloon is silent in my mind I am having a conversation with Janet.

2 thoughts on “Silence photo challenge

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