My strategy…be organized

My Dad was a type A personality. While I am not quite like that I know that I get some of my need to be organized from him. A lot of it came out of necessity when I was looking after my parents. There were only so many hours in the day so I had to find a way to make things easier for myself.
My Mom was always one to have staples on hand. It helped that we had a freezer in the basement and a cold room for cans. Eating healthy in the winter means keeping a supply of frozen vegetables and fruit in the freezer. Meal planning is key because of weather I can’t always run out and get something I forgot. It’s why I like going to the Farmers Market on Saturday because I can get fresh fruits and vegetables. They are going to be turning off the power in our building tomorrow morning so I’m going to cook a chicken breast so I can have chicken salad sandwich for lunch tomorrow. I’m going to have to get my grocery list reading tonight so I can send it off before 9AM. I keep a basic list on my Ipad and then add to it as I run out of items. I am not one of those people who go to the grocery store without a list…a pet peeve of mine.
Eating healthy also means trying to remember to drink lots of water. I bought myself a pitcher. It helps in the summertime.
I will admit that there are times when I put my points card in my pocket of my coat and then put on my spring coat and don’t have it with me when I go to buy something. I’ve gotten better at putting all of them back in my wallet. I was able to get $10 off my groceries the last time I went to my “regular” store. Now that I go to the market on Saturday I’m able to go Shoppers Drug Mart for 20X the points. I can’t buy toilet paper because it’s too awkward to carry home (and too big to fit in my cart)
Living in an apartment that has plenty of storage everything has a home. I have every ailment covered…nausea, heartburn, headache, ointment for back pain. It makes me laugh because I get that from Mom. When I moved I didn’t have to buy toilet paper for AGES!
My Mom was one of those people who always had cards ahead for birthdays, anniversary’s or deaths. I did get a birthday card for a friend recently. I learned from Mom to make errands count. If I’m going to get a haircut I’ll go into Shoppers Drug Mart afterwards. I’ll go grocery shopping at the mall so I can do other things to. Of course being able to buy anything I want online is a great convenience.
Last year for my birthday I decided to have a quiet day to myself because the year before was so busy. Having a plan for birthdays or anniversary’s makes it easier.


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