I might be addicted to my electronics

I never realized how much of my daily routine revolves around my computer until I had to turn off all my electronics this morning from 9 until 1. They are installing hydro meters in the apartment and there would be intermittent power outages. In the morning I check my email, look to see what the daily prompt is and check fb messages. I type my blog post on my computer or my Ipad (sometimes I go to a local coffee shop and write it there). I had to hunt for some paper so I could write it out “old school”. I thought of going to a coffee shop but it’s supposed to rain quite heavily. Of course it’s also too cold to sit outside to write so I’m sitting at the dining room table. I used to journal quite a bit and now writing this by hand seems so foreign. It’s interesting how some things just become a habit.
The sad thing is Facebook messanger is how I correspond with the majority of my friends. I can’t remember the last time I talked to my friend on the phone. I do have a friend who I have lengthy conversations with on fb. It’s like talking in person. I’ve found most of my conversations are superficial. Truthfully I have found that even when sitting beside someone we seem to have forgotten how to talk to one another. There have been times in my life when it’s easier to talk by computer, it’s something to hide behind.
Facebook is where we post vacation pictures or outings with friends. It was fun being able to show off my apartment online for my friends all over the world. Someone recently commented on my post when we official signed the papers for selling the house I grew up in. I look back at the posts around that time and I was sad, alone and angry. When I look at photos now I seem happier. There are days when it’s a work in progress. This blog is kind of an electronic journal so I can see the growth along this journey.


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