Tardy…not me

I grew up with parents who were always on time and more often than not early. It was annoying when we went to church and both my Mom and grandfather would leave early in order to get a good parking spot. My father’s siblings were all the same way except for one who was always half an hour late. Mom called it “fashionably late” she liked to make an entrance. When my Mom was planning her 70th birthday party she told my Uncle and my brother that it started at noon and told everyone else 12:30 so they would be there on time.
I’m also a morning person so I try to get my Dr appointments scheduled for the morning. Because they are all close to get to I can do a 9AM appointment. The great thing about going early is I don’t have to wait.
Because I grew up in a family who showed up on time tardiness is something I don’t tolerate well. The people who arrive late value their time over yours. A friend and I arranged for coffee late in the afternoon at a time that was convenient for her. She arrived half an hour late because she was shopping. It’s usually a tipping point for me because being late is just an underlying issue.
I think because I was a caregiver for my parents and didn’t have a lot of extra time I value it more. I have a coffee buddy who I go out once a month with. Sometimes it’s hard to find a date and time that works for both of us but we try. Relationships are work. Being present in someone’s life means showing up, listening and respect.

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