Ok, the word I used today is not quite the same as trill but it was what came to mind when I saw the news just before noon. The leader of the PC party of Ontario is stepping down because of allegations against him. Unfortunately, in a political arena it doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or guilty your reputation is tarnished either way. One of the journalists asked where do they go from here and that’s a good question with the provincial election less than 6 months away. Do they just plunk a new person in and read off the previous person’s platform? There is toeing the party line but you also want them to be an individual. Although in this day and age I’m not sure that’s even possible anymore.
When Janet and I first started helping with campaigns many years ago we did it because we thought these people were decent. We believed in the process. We weren’t naïve we knew a relative unknown would not get elected against an incumbent. Because we helped with campaigns friends would ask our opinions on the candidates. Since we didn’t live in the same riding we could share. We would tell them we met these people and here is what we thought. But we would also tell them you have to decide between voting for the candidate you think would best represent you or voting for the leader. It’s not always an easy choice. I don’t know a whole lot about my MPP but he seems like someone who is working for the community. But he belongs to the party in power and our premier is hated.
And then there is a municipal election in the fall. It turned out our mayor was not the person that he professed to be when he ran 4 yrs ago. It really makes one cynical. We elect them. They are supposed to represent US. Thankfully there are members of council that remember that. It’s one of those times when I wish my parents were still here because I’m sure my Dad would have a lot to say about what is going on in the word right now.


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