Many years ago Janet and I would go with a friend to the Women’s Show at the Convention Centre in the spring. One year we had our handwriting analyzed and they would often have a fashion show. Once they had someone talk on your shape. I never knew what I was I just knew what I wasn’t. If you are an apple you carry your weight around the middle, a pear is bottom heavy. My Mom and grandma were lucky enough to be hourglass. The interesting part was that my friend and I found out we are both rectangles. If you are a rectangle you have to define your shape by wearing a belt or more material on the bottom. When the talk was over we went up to talk to the speaker and my friend asked can you change your shape ie if you lost weight and she said no your shape remains the same.

This is the dress I wore to my brother’s wedding. I love the colour royal blue. I found this dress through Sears (online). Since I’m 5’8″ I have long legs and it shows it off because it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back. I also love a cowl neckline. I don’t like my arms so it provided some coverage. I found a really pretty dress at a store on sale that I purchased for the Twinless Twins banquet. It was sleeveless but I had a sheer top that I wore as a cover up and it matched exactly.
I recently purchased a top that I realized Janet would have worn. When I looked at myself in the mirror I could almost see her. I know it probably sounds strange since we were twins but growing up our styles were very different. Our colour pallet was different too. Is it just coincidence or is she influencing what I buy. I had a cry because so many emotions when through me.
Clothes are one of those things that have sentimental attachment to them. Mom’s wedding dress, her favourite shirt, my grade 8 grad dress which is still hanging in my closet. They are filled with memories of happy occasions.

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