Coffee shops

Thursday afternoon my friend and I met for our monthly coffee date. I suggested going to Starbucks since I needed a few things in Shoppers Drug Mart which is in the same plaza. Unfortunately when we got there all the tables were taken. Most with one person on their laptop. As we got back in the car to head to Tim Hortons neither of us could believe that it would be full at 3pm in the afternoon. I stood in line at Tims and was looking at all the yummy treats. I was good and only had a couple of timbits.
I have lived in this location for almost 2 years and although there are plenty of coffee shops around me most are small and only accessible if you are walking. Williams is my go to place but it is also a place frequented by University students so I have to pick the right time to go. My friend and I used to go to Red Roaster in Wortley Village every month but it’s not the same neighbourhood coffee shop that it once was. It was worse than Starbucks for trying to figure out what to order.
I can’t understand how in a city of 400,000 people how we don’t have a neighbourhood coffee shop? I found a cool one online but it closes at 4:30 which is a little tight when my friend picks me up at 3. When we got a coffee maker for Christmas Mom and I would stop in the drive thru and get a muffin and eat it at home. We just thought it was quieter at home. We would allow ourselves the time to sit and chat just like we would if we were in the coffee shop.
When it’s warm enough to sit outside I think that’s what my friend and I will do…sit on the balcony. It isn’t about the coffee but about spending time together.

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