Conveyor of news

When my Dad’s eldest sister died at Christmas my cousin sent out an email to all the cousins on her mailing list. Nowadays this is how it’s done. It’s faster than phoning but it seems so impersonal. Conveying news in an email is difficult because you also have to think about the fact it could be forwarded to other people. It has to be carefully worded. When my Mom died I had to phone her brother to tell him. Her church friend was a tough one to tell too. I did post it on facebook because I had friends that were praying for her. I remember going down the list in her address book trying to think of all the people that should know. I also sent out Christmas cards to people that she corresponded with so that they would know. Conveying the news in a letter is a little easier because I could cross it out if I didn’t like it.
Of course there are times in our lives when we don’t share news with family or friends because we don’t want them to worry. When I ended up in the hospital with kidney stones soon after I moved I had to tell my brother but I didn’t tell him what it was for. My coffee buddy told me it was body trying to tell me to slow down. I knew that but it was a long time before I was physically able to.
In my Dad’s family we seemed to be the last to know about any news. We were at my Dad’s younger brother’s house and his sister mentioned that he was going to have 2 grandchildren soon and we only knew about one. My Aunt had told so many people that she had forgotten who she had told and who she hadn’t. There is something exciting about sharing good news with friends and family. For us the joys were so much bigger after having so much sorrow.
When I found an apartment I couldn’t wait to tell people. I know the first person I told was my cousin. When I posted the blog post on fb my friends were so happy for me. That’s the fun part. People commiserated with me on my “difficulties” with furniture but they also laughed with me when it all worked out. Decorating on my own I didn’t know whether people would like it but everyone loved the red couch and my bookcase. I was so excited when my friend told me that her Mom retired here so we could spend Christmas together. If I posted the photos here you could see how much fun we had. It was like I was 14 again.
Living in an apartment the news is conveyed on the bulletin board. Of course a lot is just word of mouth. We got a notice about power interruptions but my super was the one who told me a few days before that they were putting in hydro meters. She made sure everyone in the building was on the look out for a skunk that was wandering around the building (and we also had goose). We had a fire inspection one time that even they didn’t know about so the tenants all went outside until the super came out and told us it was a test. I don’t get a paper so I’m currently watching the local news and I went online to get info on the candidates for the provincial election (and I didn’t find much). I sat there thinking how do people get information if they aren’t online? Reading the paper is ok but there is usually a political bias.
There are so many means to convey a message. Phone, letter, email and facebook. This blog is my means of conveying a message.


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