Beloved photo challenge


Yesterday I was going through my photos trying to decide which one to choose and then this morning I thought of this one. Obviously I didn’t take the picture but it so beautifully conveys how loved we were. For my birthday last year my Uncle emailed me and he told me that the first time he and his wife came to visit he went through an entire roll of film. This is one of my favourites. You can see how happy my grandfather is and we are looking up at him like who is this dude?
In the album there are many pictures of relatives coming to visit. There aren’t any photos of us crying in them so we must have been on good behaviour.
I look through the photos and even when we were little I can see the bond that we shared. In the photos we are holding hands or we are sleeping together. We have our arms around each other. I could’ve easily chosen my favourite photo of Janet and I. When she died I wrote sister and best friend in the obituary because that’s what she was. I was thinking yesterday about the word “convey” and how this is the place where I try to convey how loved my family was and still is. It’s conveying who they were with words. Love…four little letters for such a powerful word.

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