Where does hate come from?

What an appropriate word for today after my conversation last night. I phoned a friend of my Mom’s last night since I hadn’t been talking to her since Christmas. We started discussing the stuff in the news regarding politics. She then got into a rant on the fact that we have to be careful voting for certain individuals because we don’t want them to take over. My mother used to worry about going out for coffee with her for fear that someone who is Muslim would overhear her. I told her I don’t believe in tarring everyone with the same brush and she told me I was naïve. The thing that puzzles me is how can someone who professes to be Christian hate another human being. We are supposed to love our neighbour. That hatred filters down to other members of your family.
My mother went to dinner with my Dad’s siblings and my Dad’s eldest brother said “they” should go back to where they came from. 4 out of the 6 siblings have spouses that are the children of immigrants (Mom having a daughter-in-law). Mom sat there thinking are they not included? But she didn’t speak up and when I was in the same situation I didn’t either. We each make the decision is it worth it because we aren’t going to change their mind.
I think we should have diversity in politics. A friend took her son to city hall to watch a council meeting and he leaned over and asked “where are the brown people”. Out of all the people on council we have 2 that are brown.
There have been times in my life where I have been very angry. I remember a woman at the bereavement support group telling me to find an outlet for it because it had to be let out. Anger eats away at you. Not to mention it gives you restless sleep and indigestion. I’m so thankful that love is more powerful than hate. I’m thankful for friends that are teaching their kids to make a difference, to love everyone.
That’s the type of world I want my nieces to grow up. And if that makes me naïve I’m ok with that!

2 thoughts on “Where does hate come from?

  1. I totally agree and try to avoid these political discussions altogether because I’ve found some of the people I thought I knew have ideas that are incomprehensible to me and so at odds with mine. Every time someone makes a statement that others should go back where they came from, I gently remind them we were all immigrants at one point.

  2. It comes down to 1. ignorance = the lack of information, inaccurate information & 2. fear = ignorance of the truth spawns fear because some people believe what they are told by others and/or their own negative perceptions.
    It’s hard to speak up especially when you are outnumbered or when you know (as in the case of relatives) that you can’t/are not going to change their perspective.

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