Creature of habit

Recently I wrote about having hydro meters installed in the building and the power would be out intermittently. I didn’t know what to do with myself because I write my blog first thing in the morning. Of course I could write it out by hand but I had to wait until after 1 in order to type it out and post. My friend told me blogging is what you do.
Growing up there we definitely had a routine. Monday’s were usually laundry day and Thursday was grocery shopping day. I don’t know how I got started on Tuesday but my guy noticed I seemed to order on that day so he scheduled me for that day. In the spring I can offset my groceries but fresh produce at the Farmers Market. I miss it so much in the wintertime because it’s part of my routine. I go every Saturday, unless it’s raining or really hot. I will leave home at 9am and by the time I’m finished it’s around 10 and I sit outside with my morning coffee. I usually buy a tart or something for lunch.
When I had to fast for bloodwork Mom and I would go for breakfast afterwards. Depending on the day we would go to Harry’s or Cora’s. Harry’s was our go to place because that’s where my grandparents went every Saturday. I went once after bloodwork but it wasn’t the same eating by myself.
I have gone for lunch by myself and that is a little easier. Breakfast is such a social thing and it’s a place where people meet friends. It’s probably why I’ve changed to Starbucks because it’s not as social as Tim’s.
On the weekend I watch programs that are on during the week at the same time as something else I watch. I’ve started watching This is Us and it’s on tonight after the Super Bowl. One of the woman on Entertainment Tonight Canada aptly named it THIS IS US CRYING. Yeah that would be me nearly every episode. And when they give you a warning that you will need Kleenex you know you are in for a doozy. The funny thing was I didn’t get it at first the fact it went back and forth in time. That would have driven my Mom nuts. My friend and I were talking about Bull on the way home from coffee and she mentioned about the guy that’s going through for a lawyer. I missed the first 5 minutes because I was in the kitchen getting a snack and she told me I missed an important part.
There is comfort in a routine. It’s why my Mom always looked forward to September and getting back to church groups. Routines are comfortable.

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