This is “me” crying over a tv show again

Yesterday I watched the episode of THIS IS US that aired after the Super Bowl while I was waiting for the Bell technician (which is a very long story). I started watching the show during the episode that was a tribute to Randall’s biological father. I could relate to the part when they all went for a walk and he put on his father’s hat. During the episode he came in contact with many people that his father touched in his life. It hit home for me because it was something I noticed after my parents died that it was the little things that people noticed. Since my Dad gardened he was always outside and my neighbours missed him.
At first when they got to the part of how Jack died I did feel it was kind of anti-climactic because of so much lead up to it but it was beautifully portrayed by the family. I was softly crying at the part when Kevin phones his Mom and she tells him about his father sending her a sign every year. I have received many signs from Janet and my Mom and like in the tv show this is their way of telling me there are still with me. She cooks a lasagna to honour him which is something I do for birthdays. I could totally relate to Kate when she was watching the video and she told her partner that if she wanted to take one day out of the year and wallow in her pain to just let her. I had friends that would tell me sometimes you just need to go there. He hadn’t experienced what she had so he didn’t understand.
Good writing makes every character relatable and this episode did that.


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