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It’s always interesting seeing my city through someone else’s eyes. When I moved to my apartment the first time my friend came to pick me up she said it’s nice that even though you are downtown it’s still quiet.
Today I went out for lunch with my cousin. We went to the place that I usually take people because of my dietary restrictions I’m limited to restaurants I can go to. Plus the great thing about this restaurant is it is quiet. There was only one other couple in entire restaurant. Since I have been many times I don’t notice the architectural details that someone else would. It used to be a mansion that they turned into a hotel, restaurant and now spa. Why do I love this place? Because it’s special. You aren’t just a customer but their guest. I was telling my cousin about going there for my birthday which must have been the year after Janet died. We got a flyer in the mail for a lobster event. I told Dad that he didn’t need to I would be happy with just a quiet dinner at home but he was insistent. He was so proud. The funny store was the hydro went out so because we got there early we were the only ones in the restaurant that got to finish their meal.
My cousin dropped me off at the grocery store and it was different driving around the neighbourhood. Since the first time I’ve moved it felt comfortable. It’s just so full of memories. I no longer use that bank but the receptionist was so helpful after Janet died. She cried with me when she found out. It wasn’t awkward when I went in after I moved because she was so happy for me. My local library. The gift shop where I have found many unique gifts for friends. We drove past my regular Saturday morning stop in the spring. I love going to the market. It’s not just food it’s the place where I got a balloon for my birthday, flowers on many occasions and of course lots of coffee.
I’ve always lived within walking distance of the things that I need on a daily basis…a grocery store, a pharmacy, a library and a bank. I’m within walking distance of really cool shops.
Of course I can’t end this post without saying I’m really glad living in an apartment that I don’t have to shovel!!

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