Simplify daily prompt

Yesterday my Uncle was mentioning on facebook that he is getting his stuff organized for planning a trip in the summer and he checked to see if his passport is up to date. I sat reading his status and thought oh shoot when I worked out the dates in my head mine expired last year. I checked it this morning and I was right. Thankfully it’s less than a year so I can still renew by mail. There is a camera store in the mall that I frequent where one can get passport photos. The passport office is in the mall too but it would probably just be as easy to mail as it’s a pretty busy place.
I also have to renew my health card this year too. That one I remembered that it came up this year and I’m pretty sure they send you a letter to remind you.
I’m debating getting an Ontario ID card which I can use for voting. Currently I use my passport but I also have to bring a piece of mail to show my address. I usually use a bank statement or something from the government so it’s “official”. It’s a little more work/paper but I didn’t want to spend the extra money on another card. When Janet and I volunteered in a campaign office for a Federal election 12 years ago we would have people call in to ask what they could use for ID if they didn’t have a drivers license. We would turn it over to the higher up people because we didn’t know. There is a list but there are still people who don’t have a health card with their picture on it so it’s very limiting. It’s probably why they came out with the ID card for people that don’t have a drivers license. I don’t remember exactly when it came out (maybe 5 years ago?)
Once a year I also have to renew my library card. Thankfully it’s easy to remember because it’s supposed to be around my birthday but it’s the producing of enough ID that is a challenge. When I would go to my local library I just produced a piece of mail and that was enough because they knew me but unfortunately other libraries are a real stickler. I don’t understand why we need ID to renew a library card??!!
Oh yes AND I stopped to get a few groceries yesterday and I could have changed over my Shoppers Optimum card (since I went to a store that is associated with the PC label) and it was in my other purse. Yet another card. I should have got a basket but I didn’t think I needed that much and I ended up balancing the stuff in my arms. I know it’s just standard for them to ask if I need a bag but if it’s obvious I’m not carrying one then yes I need one!! Mom and I both had crossbody purses to free up hands so when I came back to my building yesterday I had to dig in my good purse for my key and balance my mail and grocery bag.
There are things that I do to “simplify” my life. I have groceries delivered. I buy clothes online. I take a cab. I keep enough cash in my wallet for emergencies. I put all my appointments on my Ipad. I control the things that I can.

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