What did I come in here for?

I get groceries delivered and keep a basic grocery list on my IPad of the basics that I get every week…milk, eggs, bread etc. Even though I think I’m fairly organized doing it this way there are still weeks where I will go to the cupboard the morning of and find something I’m almost out of. On Thursday I stopped into the grocery store but didn’t make out a list so I wandered around the store talking to myself trying to remember what I needed. Of course the couple of items turns into an entire bag. Going to my regular place I would probably be good without a list because I would just go down every aisle and once I saw it I would remember.
I have to write out a list if I go to Shoppers Drug Mart because each one is laid out a little differently. Plus it’s not usually stuff I use everyday.
My Mom would buy a notepad at the dollar store to write out her grocery list but because I’m just picking up a few things I just use the back of an envelope. My grandmother did that too.
I used to know my friends phone number off by heart but they don’t have a landline anymore. I had to put someone’s cellphone number in my list on my home phone so that I could recognize it when it came up on caller ID. The bell sales guy put my number in my cellphone under ME so that if someone asked for the number I could find it easily (after all you aren’t phoning yourself). When I was buying furniture I had to give my phone number to the sales person and I had to think for a minute what it was. On envelopes I was still writing my old address for a long time.
I am terrible with remembering passwords. Some are just numbers. Some are letters and numbers. My IPad and apple store, My PC, log into library, Amazon, Twinless Twins membership, my bloodwork lab (so I can get the results online), voice mail and online banking. I’m sure there are ones I’m forgetting too. Wow, no wonder I have a hard time remembering them all!


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