Have the pancakes

Today is Shrove Tuesday or “pancake day” as it is affectionately called. I belong to a weight loss group on facebook and they are all wondering about having pancakes. The thing that kept popping up for me as I read down the posts was how it was a tradition. I would give anything to be able to share pancakes with my family. I have friends that have photos of their kids in their pajamas making pancakes.
When my sister and I were in a church group when were in our teen years and early twenties we helped every year with the pancake supper. It wasn’t what we deemed pancakes because it was from a mix (ours were always homemade). One year the youth leader wore cow tights and Janet teased him unmercifully. To be fair she wasn’t the only one. The leaders were the ones who manned the grill and we usually served or cleared the tables. He was complaining that he thought the hair on his arms was burning off so Janet teased him just pull some from the top (since he had long hair at the time). When he went to leave Janet said “I guess you have to be moooving along”. Corny but it makes me laugh.
When Janet was volunteering at the kidney foundation one of the workers was looking for a church close by to go to for pancakes. So Janet told him ours was close. Do they have ham or sausage. Oh if you want sausage you can go to this church. Someone teased her wait you are sending him to the competition and Janet said I don’t care.
Sunday was pancake day in our household. We would come down the stairs and Dad would ask are we having pancakes? When we went to the early service we changed it to Saturday morning since we didn’t have time. They were buttermilk pancakes. I don’t make them anymore because it makes a lot for one. I suppose I could make a batch and freeze them but I’ve always found that pancakes are better fresh.
In life I try to go by the 80/20 rule. For the most part I eat healthy but when I went out for lunch with my cousin I had dessert. It’s so pretty but it was good. It’s not about the food or the calories…it’s about spending time with special people. Making memories.


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