A city kid

I had to look up the word for today. Growing up my Mom used to say we were such city kids so you could say I’m the furthest thing from a country bumpkin that you would find. Janet and I belonged to guides and we had to go camping. We had to cook our food on a fire and sleep in a tent. That part was doable but I did not enjoy having to put boots on to go and use the “outdoor facilities” in the middle of the night. And don’t forget having to carry a flashlight. I wear a night shirt to bed so I had to wear pajamas there. And poor Janet always got eaten alive. I can hear my Mom in my head…”I’m never going to live that down”. My Dad grew up on a farm and had 6 siblings. Mom used to joke that they must have had 2 outhouses one for the girls and one for the boys.
Growing up “roughing it” was the fact that I had to do dishes by hand and we didn’t have air conditioning. We always had a rough in for the dishwasher but for some reason for years my Dad never got around to purchasing one. I remember the year the furnace went out we were so happy because we knew it meant we were getting air conditioning. After Dad died we had to replace the hot water heater and it really made me think about all the things that we take for granted like hot water and heat.
When I was looking for an apartment I wanted one with a dishwasher. I had people wonder why would you need one for one person but it’s so much easier. I had to have controlled a/c because I didn’t want to worry about putting in and taking out a window one. The fact that it has an ensuite and a washer and dryer is a bonus.
Although I live downtown surrounded by apartment buildings I have 2 trees outside my windows. I live next to a park and within walking distance of another one. Growing up with a huge backyard I still wanted that same feeling. The people I know who live in small towns know all their neighbours and they could rely on them for help. But living in a small town also means they have to drive everywhere. I can take the bus to the mall or Dr appointments.
I like my city. It’s like Goldilocks…it’s just right.

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