In life sometimes we have to compromise

What an appropriate word for Family Day. It’s a holiday that the government of Ontario introduced (as the name suggests to spend time with family)
In a family we have to learn to compromise. In our family Dad was the boss so for major purchases he had the final say. Our last car was a 2 door and he did admit that a 4 door might have been more convenient. Not a lot of head room for someone who is 5’8″. When our tv wore out Mom and Dad went to the store to pick out another one. I think the one we had was about 21″ so he was going to get the same size and Mom said “no lets get a little bit bigger one” and thankfully Mom won. I’m still using it. Nowadays people have 40 inch or larger tvs. I could have a larger one on the wall but unless you are in a media room I find I’m sitting to close.
I still remember going to Jumbo video and my brother made up the rule that whoever had the idea of getting a movie had to pay. Of course going with 3 girls and a boy chances are he probably won out on what movie we picked out. Going out to dinner you have to compromise because one person might want Swiss Chalet, another person Red Lobster and another Chinese.
When my Dad repainted my room I had to compromise on the colour. My Dad wouldn’t let me pick a darker yellow. When I redid my room after he died I picked yellow rain coat. Think the colour of a sunrise, a child’s rain boots or as my friend teased “a school bus”. My Mom didn’t like it at first but she grew to like it. Yes, it was bold but even on the cloudiest days it was sunny in my room. At the time I needed a little sunshine in my life.
My Mom was a name brand shopper and I’ve found I am too. She used to say you get what you pay for. There are some no name brands where you can’t tell the difference but somethings are just worth the money…like garbage bags!!
When I was looking for an apartment I had a list of things that I HAD to have. Controlled A/C, a dishwasher, 2 bedrooms. It had to be on a bus route that went to the hospital (for Dr appointments). Of course the large kitchen and ensuite were nice bonuses. On Saturday I was talking to my super (or more accurately he was talking to me) and another tenant came into the building. They really are so friendly.
This afternoon I’m going out with my monthly coffee buddy. She teaches so I have to go when it’s convenient for her. I eat early (around 5) so going at 3ish means I have to plan what I’m going to have for supper beforehand. Thankfully I have leftovers. In any relationship sometimes we have to compromise. Just don’t compromise on the important stuff.

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