The first thing that comes to mind for this word is all the people in my apartment building congregating outside when the fire alarm goes off. We have had 4 since I’ve been here and it hasn’t even been 2 years. I remember one time the firemen said get to know your neighbours and the funny thing was this was how I got a sense of who lived in the building. One person left a pot on the stove on the floor I live on so the smell was awful.
This word also makes me think of going to the Grand Theatre with Mom and congregating in the lobby during intermission. This is usually when we would see someone we knew. We always took the bus since it was convenient. One day when we were waiting one of the cast members came out the side door. Of course everyone remembers him from Polka dot door. My brother used to say he was the best one. He was so gracious and recognized that for our generation that is how he will be remembered.
Yesterday I walked to the market. Although it was still a little chilly the snow is all melted and the sidewalks are dry. The park near me is flooded so I passed someone who stopped along the walkway to look. They have an indoor farmers market in the wintertime but it’s definitely different than congregating outside. There is one table that I always go to and they sell individual frozen dinners. I also got a vegetable tart for lunch. I was leery of buying it when she told me it had brussel sprouts in it. I think we’ve had the over cooked steamed variety but roasted it’s not bad.
Of course there is also congregating in the aisle at the grocery store. Because we went to one that was frequented by people we knew inevitably we would see someone we knew. The aisles are small (and getting smaller with all the extra stuff they put at the end) so I would usually go on and pick stuff out while Mom found a spot to chat. Apparently my grocery guy and I have the same pet peeve with people who block the aisle with their cart. Mine is also the person who stands in front of the thing that I need wondering whether they need it or not (cause you know they didn’t write out a list).

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