I love watching home shows. The commonality to both Property Brothers and Home Town is when they are showing a property they say “imagine what it COULD be, not what it is”. The thing I find cool is when they take an idea board and transform it into a home. How do they know what kind of art the person likes or what colour couch? Erin has a way of making each home well “homey”. Family pictures and heirlooms, rugs on the floor, their china.

These are before and after pictures. The first one was just after I moved. I had imagined a sectional along the wall but unfortunately it didn’t fit. I should have thought of buying one in pieces but since this was my first time buying on my own it didn’t occur to me. I looked online for inspiration but they just didn’t feel right. It’s what we do when we go and look at houses is imagine ourselves living there. We imaging our stuff on the walls, baking cookies on the island, sitting on the back porch (or in my case balcony) with a cup of coffee. We take that blank canvas and make a life in it.

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