I had a feeling

Last night was the start of season 14 of The Voice. I’m not a fan of the winter Olympics (I much prefer the summer sports) so I’m glad that all my shows will be returning this week. When they bring on a new coach you never know what the dynamic is going to be like with the four of them but Kelly seemed to get along with everyone when she was a mentor so I thought it would be ok. Last season I didn’t even watch it partly because of the coach they had on but mostly because there wasn’t anyone that wowed me. I go on the facebook page because they post one or two singers as a preview. Finding someone like Jordan Smith is like capturing lightening in a bottle. People complained about the new block feature but I think it’s a neat idea. Isn’t the whole point for the singers to learn and grow while they are there? Yes it’s about the singers but it’s also a competition. The coaches are trying to get that one person who could win the show.
Last night I laughed so hard. Blake bantering with Adam and making fun of Kelly talking too much (sucking all the oxygen out of the room). I don’t remember when Mom and I started watching but we would both laugh at their antics. It’s fun and with all the bad news in the world sometimes we need a little fun in our lives.

3 thoughts on “I had a feeling

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Voice USA UK France, Canada. ppl say it’s a reality show. Whether it is or isn’t, what I enjoy most is one the antics of the judges which usually has me in stitches, but seeing new talent…people who arrive are singing THEIR style, THEIR way and it always rings with the audience. Those are the performances worth watching although on occasion, the “changes” are valuable too. Interesting that the ones the “producers” choose to win rarely do well in the ratings while the ones the people love, would have!

    • Yes, you wrote exactly how I feel. I totally get what you are saying about the changes. We are so used to hearing it a certain way that it doesn’t sound right with changes.

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