For me Mondays are “typically” the busiest day of the week for me. There is always laundry to do (today it’s towels) and I have to send my list to my grocery guy (which involves double checking cupboards to make sure I haven’t run out of anything else). Of course I have to clean the kitchen so that there is a spot for the groceries. It might involve checking my online banking. This morning I was a little low on groceries so I walked to the variety store. Since there is a flower shop beside I bought myself some just because flowers…or my reminder that spring is coming!
When I moved it seemed like I was always waiting on furniture to arrive. I couldn’t wait to be able to go to the market or just go out for a morning coffee. The other day a reminder on facebook was that I won a coffee for roll up the rim. It made me smile because that was part of my routine. Every Thursday after grocery shopping we would go and have coffee. The only time I go now is once a month with my friend. If I go to Tim Hortons I’m tempted to buy something to go along with my coffee so I just don’t.
My Aunt lawn bowls and I know she misses it in the winter time. Like I miss going to the market. It’s our routine. After Janet died I didn’t go for walks too often because it was something we did together. I’m glad that I’m getting back into the routine again.
Right now we are getting typical March weather in that one day it could feel like spring and the next it could be snowing. Because it’s going to be mixed precipitation on Wednesday I rescheduled an appointment for the diabetes clinic. I have to do a food journal and inevitably they will ask is this a typical day for you? I try to do it Wed-Friday so that it’s after refilling my fridge and I have healthy ingredients on hand. A typical day will always include coffee…sometimes 2. Keeping a food journal is helpful because it’s where I realized that I needed to up my veggies.
We all have our typical day. Coffee, check email, shopping etc. I know that’s what Mom missed when my Dad died was sitting at the table reading the paper or just talking about things. Those people make the typical day brighter.

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