This is one of 2 trees in front of my balcony. One of the things I love about my neighbourhood is that I live close to 2 parks and a lovely garden at Eldon House. I can sit on my balcony and listen to the birds chirping and it’s fairly quiet. I say fairly because it’s just like sitting on my deck in the neighbourhood I grew up in occasionally there would be loud music playing or construction or people arguing. Last year I spent many days sitting outside on my patio chairs. I would have my morning coffee or lunch I picked up at the market. Of course summer is filled with festivals which involve food (Ribfest) so those meals are enjoyed outside too.
Our first sign of spring is buds forming on the trees or flowers shooting through the ground. In our backyard we had 2 large trees, one walnut and one cottonwood. They provide excellent shade but both are messy. Walnuts stain your hands and cottonwood has fluff that goes everywhere. I remember my Dad telling me I could pick some lilacs to take to a friend’s house. I pulled down the branch and it broke off in my hand. I thought I was going to get it but Dad just told me go and get a bucket to put those in. When my Dad had cancer his bed was on the main level. I would pick some flowers and put them on the side table. It’s one thing I miss living in an apartment is the scents. Janet’s favourite was lily of the valley.
When I go into the flower shop near me I take a deep breath in because it smells like spring. It’s supposed to snow or freeze rain today and tomorrow so I thought some flowers might be nice to have on the table.
2 weeks tomorrow is the official start of spring. Warmer temperatures, lighter clothing and walks in the neighbourhood.

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