Story photo challenge


I grew up in a family that liked baseball. My grandparents listened to it on the radio (they actual preferred them to the people on tv). My Uncle worked for the local newspaper in the sports department so he likes a lot of sports. When I moved the first thing I watched was a baseball game in the afternoon.
These photos were taken at the last game I went to July 11, 2008. I knew it was 2008 but I only know of exact date because it came up when I was searching for the photo on my computer. I remember my Mom trying to figure out who was going to pitch for the game and she had it figured out it would probably be Roy. I was at a Twinless Twins conference in Toronto that started on Wednesday. Unfortunately tickets were all sold out for the weekend since they were playing the Yankees so I had to leave early and go on Friday. We (my brother and then girlfriend) managed to find a place to park that wasn’t too far from the stadium and not overpriced. Parking lots jack up the prices for events. I remember supper consisted of a sausage from a street vendor outside the stadium and popcorn. It was a wonder I didn’t get indigestion!

Rogers Centre was completely full. There is something electric about going to a game live. Since we were playing the Yankees there was some “animosity” towards each other. Every time A-Rod came up to bat we booed him. The entire game lasted 2 hrs and 20 minutes. It would have been shorter but the last guy fouled off 19 pitches before finally striking out. Of course Roy pitched the whole game with a pitch count of less than 100. I remember people jumping up and down and hugging each other. We even had a home run too although I don’t remember who it was.

Photos do tell a story. There is a photo of Janet pouting at a family picnic. I have heard that story so many times. There is a picture of me standing on the stairs on the cruise ship and I’m laughing. The “story” behind the photo is that it took 3 attempts for my Mom to get it because she kept cutting off my head. We all have that “perfect” family photo where it took many many tries to get there. We have a photo that my grandmother took where just at the point where she took the picture I had to sneeze. So on the back she wrote “oops a sneeze”. I’m the type of person that likes the candid photo. The one where they are caught off guard but it’s natural.

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