On Tuesday I got my Oprah magazine in the mail. This month the question on the cover is “what would you stand up for?” For me it wasn’t a what but a who. When my Dad had cancer I was the one who went to Dr appointments with him. There was a time when I had to stand up to a Dr and tell him he wasn’t going home without bloodwork. The next day he was admitted to hospital.
Being a caregiver is hard work because not only did I have to advocate for my mother but eventually I had to advocate for myself.
About 4 months after my Mom died I had a Dr appointment. I was eating poorly and it showed. My Dr tried to tell me that I was worth it but I couldn’t hear it. Making myself a priority didn’t happen overnight. It’s appropriate that today is international women’s day because as women we have a hard time putting ourselves first. I can’t say it’s easier since I’m on my own because I had to create my own support system.
What would I stand up for? The right to make my own decisions. The right for a woman to be seen as competent in financial matters. I’ve had to stand up to bullies on numerous occasions.
We all need to do what is best for us.


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