1. How my fridge can look so bare when I just got groceries 3 days ago? But I do have lots of coffee
2. Is spring ever going to come as I look outside at the snow falling for the 3rd day in a row. Yes I know it’s still winter. We can get snow in April too.
3. How I have so much laundry for one person. Lately I can’t seem to make it through the entire day without spilling something on my shirt.
4. What I did before online banking. My neighbourhood bank was TD and since it was my main one everyone knew me. I’m now with RBC whose main office is downtown. To them you are just a number.
5. Yesterday I was looking up the flyer for realcanadian superstore which is the one my grocery guy uses. I noticed they now have Instacart and wondered if that will create competition for them. I also wondered how they could charge so little.
6. How I got to be so lucky to live in the place I do.
7. Why some people run away when the going gets tough. And how it’s not always the people you think who end up staying.
8. I’ve had friends and family members tell me that my family would be proud of me. But there are days when I think about the fact that for my Mom going to church was important. It was a community. And I don’t feel that anymore. But my parents always told us while they wanted us to go to confirmation classes it was our choice whether to join the church.
9. Why some friendships are so easy/comfortable and some I thought would last forever don’t.
How to decorate this. It’s the wall in my bedroom


4 thoughts on “I WONDER…

    • Ha, that made me laugh. Thanks. I was thinking of a gallery wall. My friend draws pictures in my birthday and Christmas cards (all black and white).

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