Today is my Mom’s birthday, she would be 75. This photo was taken after we went out for lunch for her 70th. I love this picture because it’s so natural. I remember going to White Oaks mall to get something and I passed Carleton Cards on the way to the store. It was near Mother’s Day and they had this frame that was floral and had the words Me and Grandma on the bottom. Since Mom was waiting in the car I was able to buy it. We never bought gifts for mother’s day or father’s day because Mom and Dad were just happy with a card. When I handed it to her she said “what’s this?” Of course she admonished me for getting her a gift. When she opened it she cried.
These special days come with a roller coaster of emotions. The “invisible” scar from a broken heart. The invisible tears. I was looking through my photos and there was photos from trips she took. Photos from our cruise. I posted one on facebook from Easter and I thought she looked pretty and she thought she looked old.
This afternoon I’m going out with a friend for coffee and dessert. A way to honour my Mom.


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