“Betrayed” by Mother Nature

We are currently a little over a week into spring and it certainly doesn’t feel like it. According to the weather channel we are going to be waiting a little bit longer for spring to come. I went out yesterday with a former neighbour for coffee and had to put a winter coat on and it was pouring rain.
Tomorrow they are having an outdoor farmers market for Easter. It’s not expected to be very warm so I’ll have to break down and put a hat and gloves on as I go around 9AM. In 4 short weeks it will be outside all the time.
I know I just have to be patient but patience has never been a virtue. Can’t be just have a hint of spring…a couple of days of double digit temperatures? When we had a lot of snow this winter I kept telling myself I just have to wait until spring. I want to be rewarded darn it!
Maybe this means we will have a more moderate summer. Ahh one can hope.

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