I’m sick of the snow

Yesterday morning I woke up to more snow. While I was sitting in the living room watching Hawaii Five-O it was snowing again. I think we all have the same thought “Oh come on!!”. I should not still have to put a hat on in April.
So I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and write what I am thankful for.
1. Taxes are done. The past couple of years since I also had to look after Mom’s estate too it was quite stressful. Not this year.
2. Money in the bank to pay for taxes. Yes, I had to move some around but I know how blessed I am to not have to worry about it.
3. Family. People who have really come to my aid. My uncle and cousin who I can share stories with.
4. My writing class is starting up soon
5. Health care. I had to write a food journal for my dietician. I don’t enjoy doing it but I know that this is there way of helping me. I’ve gotten better at making sure I eat more vegetables. I buy frozen fruit (her suggestion). I can email and say I’m frustrated.
6. In 4 weeks the outdoor Farmer’s market will be there. This summer I’m going to buy extra so I can freeze fruits.
7. My grocery “person”. I don’t have to go out in the rain or snow (or both!!) to get groceries
8. Rotisserie chicken. Convenient, economical and it tastes good
9. Clean clothes (ok they are clean but still have to be put away)
10. Products that make cleaning easier. Since the weather hasn’t been so great this week I’ve done some spring cleaning

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