Hmm what song would be appropriate for today? “Stormy weather” or perhaps “Ice, Ice baby”.
We are experiencing a weekend of mostly rain mixed with freezing rain and depending on your region it might be snow too. My street has a nice coating of slushy stuff. The only silver lining is that it’s during the weekend and people would be home from work and off the roads. It’s hard to believe that in 3 weeks the Outdoor Farmers Market will be up and running. I think we are all at the point where enough is enough. For me it’s the week that marks spring for me. I can’t wait to be able to go for walks in the neighbourhood.
Since it’s stay at home weather last night I binge watched episodes of Good Witch. It’s unusual for On Demand to have every episode for a show so I started from the beginning. A good way to get background on some of the characters. The new season is starting in two weeks. On a Monday which is The Voice so I can watch it another night.
I was thinking of making stew for supper but alas no beef broth. This would be the type of weekend my Mom would bake but I don’t even have items in the apartment to bake with. A friend posted the other day a picture of date squares which I love. My job was to cut them with kitchen scissors. Monday I ordered a couple of night shirts because they were on sale. The one is really long as it goes down to my ankles and it made me think how it would have been perfect for Mom. She usually wore pyjamas because her legs were cold. There are so many little things that are reminders. Last night I was taking a bag of garbage to the chute and my super caught me. I came back in and laughed because I can’t even do that without bumping into him. I miss sharing a laugh with someone…I guess you all are it.

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