Just one wish

I think anyone that has ever lost someone close to them has a wish for one more day. I wish I could tell them I love them. I wish I could give them a hug.
I remember when Mom and I started attending a bereavement support group at the funeral home that we used and the son of the owner came out and he asked me if there was something he could do for me and I said only one thing and you don’t have the power to do it.
Yesterday I was reminded of a quirk thst my Dad had. Our running joke was that he never watched a movie from beginning to end. He would get up at 4 and watch a movie but it might have started at 2. We would come down the stairs and he would ask us to look it up for him. Back when they actually made TV guides. The trouble with that is most of the time it said TBA. We would ask who was in it. Neither of my parents were that good with remembering or recognizing actors. This was before google.
When my Mom was in the hospital I would bring the paper in and help her with the crossword. According to the nurse the fact that I would look up the word on google was “cheating”.
I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. Mother’s Day coming up, just little reminders.
Maybe memories are like wishes. They are reminders of love shared.


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