Prayers for Toronto

I’m not really sure what to write today. Yesterday started out with the happy news of the birth of Prince William and Kate’s 3rd child and we were FINALLY enjoying spring (almost summerlike) weather. Just before suppertime I turned on the tv and learned of the shocking news of a van that hit pedestrians on the sidewalk. The scary thing is I have family members that live within walking distance of this neighbourhood.

Of course with something of this magnitude happening in a large city it’s all over the news. We watch hoping for answers and even if we are eventually told what his motive was I don’t know whether it would help. It doesn’t make it easier to digest the fact that 10 family members have lost loved ones. There are signs and flowers in the area where it happened. The mayor has closed the businesses around the area out of respect. He has also told people to go about their lives. But I’m sure it will take time for the people living in that area to do so. We know bad things happen in the world but it’s different when it hits so close to home.

Pray for the people of Toronto. Bestow love.


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