Yesterday I was watching CTV news at noon while I was waiting for something I put in the oven to cook. In the segment they had a group of musicians who were playing “Hallelujah”. They also showed a clip earlier of people singing Amazing Grace. It rained yesterday and the words on the hand written signs were washed away. Someone told one of the woman covering the vigil/memorial that it was like the words were crying. There is something incredibly moving watching the people put flowers on the ledge or just standing in silence not even noticing the rain washing over them. What really stuck me was the sense of community. It’s a family neighbourhood but when I was there I didn’t notice anyone outside. Going for a walk in my neighbourhood (new and old) I always passed people who said hello even if we didn’t know each other. There was a TTC driver who said our city will become stronger because of this.
We are started to learn the names of the people who died. That’s the hard part for me because I know what it feels like for your loss to be public. When Janet died I got letters and condolences from people I didn’t know and it felt strange at the time. She was MY sister but I see it more clearly now. People wanted to do something. They wanted to acknowledge how saddened they were for us. I was going to title this post community because that’s what we do when something bad happens…we come together. As sad as this week has been that outpouring of love makes my heart glad.

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