My place in the world

Place in the World

I know it may seem strange to have a picture of my family since it isn’t a place but aren’t they the people that guide you in finding your place in the world?
I lived in my house for 42 years. I know for a lot of people the idea would be foreign to them. This was my place in the world. We used first names for the pharmacy and hardware store. Recently I was watching a segment on a talk show on living rooms, how houses have separate or formal rooms. We didn’t. Mom used to say we LIVED in ours. We sat on the floor playing Monopoly or video games.
This frame is the first thing that I hung up in my apartment and as soon it was hung it felt more like home.
Being without a family there are days when I don’t know where my place in this world is. Maybe we all struggle with that once in a while. I find those are days when I get an encouraging email from a friend or a sign from above. Even though my family isn’t physically here they are always guiding me.

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