I walked into Carlton Cards after writing class today. I walked to the section that I wanted but couldn’t find anything that was right. I realized what I wanted doesn’t really exist. It also made me think that real life doesn’t fit into a box. I remember when my Dad died after the service I was talking to a friend who asked how I was and I told him “it blows” (yeah I shocked some people that day by being brutally honest). A mutual friend was standing beside me. When my brother got married she drove me to the train station (my Mom went with someone else but that’s another story). Before I got out of the car she handed me a card and told me not to open it until I got on the train. On the front of the card it said “SOMETIMES LIFE IS LIKE THE WIND”…inside it read “IT BLOWS”. She understood the conflicting emotions that I had.

We celebrate special occasions, milestones and yet there are times in life where things happen and there are no words.
The word pedigree makes me think of “status” and yet you don’t need a degree to hug someone in their time of need. But at the same time there are people that measure your success by your education. A woman should be married by the time she’s 30.
My family taught me courage, compassion, strength. That’s a pretty good pedigree.


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