Royal wedding

I like many others was watching the Royal Wedding this morning. I didn’t wake up early to watch I probably caught it half way. I found a video on my facebook feed and watched processional. The “complication” of her father not walking her down the aisle turned into a lovely moment of Meghan joining their family.
This week there has been so much hype about the wedding that I was beginning to think ok is it really worth it to get up to watch the wedding. But there is something magical about a wedding. Not just a royal wedding but anyone getting married. At the end of the day it boils down to 2 people in love getting married. I am glad that Sarah Ferguson was invited and his Uncle (his mother’s brother). We live in a day and age where people get divorced and many people sit down to make out a guest list “do we invite this person or not”. That’s universal. I loved the point when they scanned the crowd when they were signing the register. The dresses and hats or fascinators are something else! I wish we still dressed up for weddings.
The dress was simple but the veil and tiara really made it special. In our culture we have 3 or 4 (and sometimes more) bridesmaids so it’s different seeing little kids walk down the aisle. The expression on the page boys face when the music started for her to walk down the aisle was priceless.
One of the journalists this morning said we shouldn’t call it a fairy tale because a fairy tale isn’t really. A memory came up today of going to the wedding of a family friend. Less than 5 years later they were separated. A wedding is lovely but after the cake is eaten and the photos are posted on facebook or Instagram the day to day living as a couple begins.


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