Clothes shopping (and my 999th post)

I have been trying to find light weight pants for spring/summer. Most of the time I wear capris but pants are required when the a/c might be turned up too high in a building. I found a pair online and put in my order and then after it said it had shipped they no longer had them in stock. Really frustrating especially since they were on sale.
One would “assume” that sizing is universal across the board but that isn’t the case. I recently bought a couple of t-shirts and they fit bigger than I thought. I used to be able to order pants online at one store but the fit isn’t the same. I also assumed that when I lost weight it would be easier to find pants that fit.
I don’t like clothes shopping anymore. Even when I went with Mom I would go with an idea of what I wanted and I would get in and get out. Don’t get me wrong I love nice clothes but the actual process is hit and miss anymore.
I can remember going to Westmount mall with Mom. She would go to Zellers and you could pretty well get everything that you needed there. Janet and I shopped at Cotton Ginny. Both have been out of business for many years.
We shop differently now. Many stores that used to be in the mall moved to a big box store, which means you have to drive there. The closest mall to me now is sort of a seniors centre but it has all of the things I need…a grocery store, Shoppers Drug Mart, Carleton cards, a dollar store, a library and a few clothing stores. I used to think it was small but now i realize it’s just right.

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