A week and a half ago I sent my friend a card. When I emailed to ask if she got it she thought it was an email. I get bills electronically, do online banking so in the course of a week I may get one or 2 pieces of mail. I send my friend in Australia a birthday card because who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail.

This word also makes me think of the upcoming election. We live in a society where many people have access to a computer but when we vote we go with our voter card and get handed a ballot where we mark an X beside our choice. At the same time I have gotten all of my information online. Our local news certainly isn’t giving equal coverage to each party…what little coverage they actually have. In 2006 Janet and I helped in a campaign office for the federal election. We attended meet and greets, a town hall meeting. Do they even have those anymore?

Yesterday I talked about debit cards and paper money. Even though I pay for most things by debit there is a time and a place for cash. My parents would never pay for a coffee and muffin with a debit card. My Dad had the rule that a debit card was for purchases over $20.

I have a friend that I meet once a month to go out for coffee. We arrange what day we are going to go by email. I chat with friends on Facebook. A friend from public school posted a video about how we show our highlights on Facebook or Instagram but we have lost that connection. Sitting across from someone you can pick up on the things that they aren’t saying. There is a barrier with email.
Growing up my parents were old fashioned but I’ve begun to realize that those values that they taught me will never be archaic. Dressing respectfully, sending a thank you card, treating people the way you would want to be treated.

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