Oatmeal cookies

My grandmother always had oatmeal cookies on hand in a tin that she kept on the buffet in the dining room. She was also famous for her Mac and cheese. My Aunt (her daughter in law) wrote in a letter one time that she could never get hers as creamy as grandmas.
Mom went to a seniors group at church and you had to sign up for a week to bring snack. One woman was “famous” for her date squares so I would make sure that mom told me which week she was on for because she had to bring me home one. One woman did canning for the church bazaar and her pickles and relishes were so good.
Years ago when Janet and I attended a bible study we made chocolate chip cookies. This is what we were known for they were so good. The funny thing was the recipe was on the back of the golden crisco box. When one of our friends found out it kind of took away the magic of it. The woman who held it in her home with her husband told me one time that they tasted so good because they were made with love.
One of the things I do to honour my family is have their favourite meal on their birthday. For my Dad I had roast beef. For Mom I had scalloped potatoes…ok I cheated a little because they were store bought. Janet loved chilli I hate it. People have often asked me if she had a favourite meal and she didn’t really. For both of us it was just the enjoyment of making a meal for someone else.
I have Moms recipe box in my kitchen cupboard. I don’t do a lot of cooking anymore but there are a lot of memories in each of those recipes. Even following a recipe exactly I would never be able to replicate it.

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