Revitalizing downtown?

Today I read in the paper that Rexall Pharmacy is closing it’s store at Dundas and Richmond. The head of the downtown business association said it would be a good opportunity to get a grocery store in that location. They have been talking about it for a number of years but it has never worked out. Because my office looks out onto the street I see people carrying bags home from the closet Grocery store which is Valu Mart. When I first moved to this location I used it but the produce was meh and over priced and their meat was the same. Many people comment “can’t you get groceries at the market?” Sure, you can get the basics eggs, cheese, meat and bread but it’s not all at one place. I’ve bought meat there but it’s a lot more expensive than buying it at a grocery store. Buying produce in the summer at the Farmers market means I know that’s it’s local. My grocery guy posted a picture of strawberries for sale at No Frills from Florida. In 3 weeks we can get local. Local strawberries are so much sweeter.
Currently the Main Street downtown is under construction plus a connecting street to it. They want to make Dundas street pedestrian friendly. Why? They just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a lane connecting Dundas street to the market. It’s used by smokers. There was a woman in my writing class that would wax nostalgic about the good old days of the Christmas windows in Simpson’s. This was long before my time. Janet and I used to get our haircut at First choice across from where Rexall is. It closed. They build all these fancy new high rises but where are the basic services for them? A lot of people live downtown for the convenience. I got a move in bonus because I don’t drive.
Today is national donut day and they are having an event at the market. Tomorrow is 100 in 1 day and there are events all over the city. There are events almost every weekend in the summer…most at Victoria Park. It’s what I love about the city I live in…the area that I live in.

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