What do you want to reflect

Yesterday I went to get bloodwork done and she found a vein in my arm but it moved (yes this is what happens to me). So while she is pressing my arm to find another area and switching to the left arm she decides ok it’s going to be in the hand. She did ask if I was ok with that and I always tell them if you can get it without any trouble just do it. Oh the way home on the bus we get stopped by a train…so much for “rapid” transit. I stopped for an iced coffee at my local coffee shop. I was really glad they didn’t have music on it was nice and quiet.
After I was finished I stopped into the flower shop on the corner. Every time I go in she asks if I need a card and I told her no it’s for my pain and suffering showing her my hand. I also booked a manicure and lunch at my favourite restaurant for my birthday. As time passes it has become easier to decide I’m going to sit at a table by myself.
A mirror reflects ourselves. After I moved and things in my life became more settled people could see a difference. I can never get into the building without passing my supers when I buy myself flowers. I stopped to chat with her and of course she teases me you didn’t have to buy me flowers. Not 5 mins later he comes out from somewhere and says the same thing. I have often talked about a couple of people at my church that are wonderful huggers. They make everyone feel welcome and loved.
I was recently talking to a twin friend of mine and she got talking about the not so nice things reflected in someone. Things that I had noticed myself but I was hoping I was wrong about. Someone who is supposed to be helping others should be doing it for the right reasons. It makes me so sad that this isn’t the case. I remember the first time I went to conference and there was a woman there who was a honorary greeter. We wrote long letters 2 or 3 times a year (and still do). She truly cares for everyone that goes. At the same time she is honest. This road that we are travelling together as twinless twins is hard. The people that give out the vibe that grief is something to “get over” are going to turn off people that are not at that place.
We should all try to be the best we can be so that when we look in the mirror we like what we see.

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