Growing up my Mom always went to Zellers for stuff for the house. She bought groceries at the grocery store and laundry detergent, toilet paper etc was purchased at Zellers because it was a better price (she usually got it on sale too). She preferred going to Westmount because it had underground parking and you could take your coat off in the wintertime. Zellers was one stop shopping…birthday cards, clothes, shoes (this is where I would buy running shoes). When Westmount was in it’s hay day Janet and I would go to Cotton Ginny which was a great place to get t-shirts cheap. Reitmans was our go to place too. I was so disappointed when Cotton Ginny went bankrupt because there aren’t a lot of places to buy everyday t-shirts anymore.
My Mom never liked White Oaks but would go occasionally if she needed something specific. Dad would go to Canadian Tire and we would help him with his errand and then go to the mall and take the bus home. I’ve gone to Walmart because it’s the only place in the city where it’s one stop shopping. When I was buying stuff for my apartment that is where I went because I needed a new vacuum, pillows for spare room, bathroom accessories for guest bathroom…you get the idea. By the time I was done I was overwhelmed. The aisles are so small and you have to walk through a lot of stuff to get to what you want. And it doesn’t matter what day of the week you go it’s always busy.
My grocery guy shops at Real Canadian Superstore. You can buy patio furniture, clothes from Joe Fresh and of course groceries. If I’m going grocery shopping I prefer to go to a place that just sells food. I don’t want to have to walk miles through the store just to buy milk!! My Aunt had to take the bus to a Dr appointment recently and asked if I take the bus to a mall in the north end of the city. I have but not for a long time. Each mall seems to target a different demographic although Masonville has changed so much I’m not sure that’s true anymore. Even shopping online I buy dress clothes from one store, undergarments from another and casual clothes from another.
Speaking of clothes I better go tackle the mound of dirty laundry!


3 thoughts on “Target

  1. Had my first job at Westmount, although that mall is no longer recognizable. Drove past Masonville recently, and you are right – it has changed. Good on them for trying to keep ahead of the dying mall trends. Hello fellow Londoner.

    • Don’t you love how the blog world links us. When I am in Masonville area I usually go to the plaza across the way. Currently walking past the mess that is Dundas st.

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