Old fashioned

Today is Father’s Day. I’m using both of these pictures because it represents the conflicting emotions that the day brings for someone whose family is in heaven. The picture on the right is one of my favourites. It’s taken at Easter so we would have been about 10 months old. Those are definitely 70’s pants! When I look at it I see love.
The sketch is something a friend of mine did for me after my Mom died. It represents love in a different way. She gave each person a word and debated which one to give to Mom and Dad. Personally I think she got it right.
I have mentioned many times that my Dad was old fashioned. He had the rule that we were not allowed to do work on a Sunday. Shopping was a no no too although occasionally we would stop at the grocery store if we ran out of something. Even when Mom was parking she would say this isn’t right. My Dad grew up on a farm so he didn’t like wearing jeans for casual clothing and that included us kids. I was in my 20s before I wore jeans that much. And there was no way we were to wear them to a restaurant. I wore black jeans with embellishments out to lunch recently and even then I felt like I was getting away with something.
My Dad was terrible with technology. He hated touch tone phones but realized that he had no choice when he was trying to phone a bank or office. I don’t think he ever used a debit card because Mom would get money out of the bank. I could get internet when it became wireless because we only had one phone jack in the house. A bone of contention for the rest of the family. My Dad was the type who said I pay the bills so I make the rules.
When my Dad had cancer he taught me how to trim hedges and some of the stuff that he did so that I could take over. It was one thing that wasn’t considered a mans job as Janet and I always helped him. As much as he could he tried to take care of stuff before he died so we wouldn’t have to worry.
9 years ago I remember praying that my Dad would live past our birthday. It was a hard day for all of us but there was comfort in knowing we got to see him. June 26 he wanted to go out to the garden at the hospital. It’s a special memory that all of us treasure.
Holidays will always bring with them mixed emotions. Remembering all of the gifts that my family gave me.


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