Have you ever noticed how many things we “check” throughout the day? I’m sure many people are like me and check their email first thing in the morning. I use a Keurig so I check the water level to make sure I have enough to make coffee. Unless I know I am expecting something in the mail I maybe go to the mailbox twice a week. The night before I make out my grocery list I go through the fridge and cupboards to see what I am running out of. I may check the flyers online. Thankfully if there is a good sale on my grocery guy will post it on his business page on Facebook.
I am thankful I found out the booth at the market that sells meals has a Facebook page. It’s how I know what is available for that week (she has the same items on Thursday and Saturday). I guess you could say we checked each other out because she clicked on my profile page after I commented on a picture. Of course this also leads to the fact that I have to check the weather to see whether it’s going to rain. In the spring I will check it to see whether I need to wear a coat or not. In the summer if the humidity is high I may not walk to the market.
Because I have dietary restrictions if I’m going out for dinner I look up the menu online. My friends kind of tease me because they will sit down and wonder how I already know what I’m going to have. Yesterday I booked a hotel for a get away for a few days the middle of July. I think we all check out a website or we do some research online before we book a vacation. Yesterday’s word was shaken and it’s what happens when Rock the Park is on…the walls practically vibrate. I felt kind of behind this month due to the things that HAD TO get done and felt like I had left this until the last minute. I also did a check of my bank account to see whether I have enough to cover the extra expense next month. This is something I’ve gotten better at. When I first moved I would add all my expenses for the month to get an idea of what I really spend. My financial advisor was the one who told me after my Mom died to allow for incidentals and money for a vacation.
I also thought of this as cheque. We had to write cheques for estate but the only time I have to now is once a year to pay the accountant who does my income tax. I almost forgot how to do it since it’s certainly not an everyday thing. And don’t get me started on who picks up the cheque when I go out to eat with a friend.
I don’t get a paper anymore so a lot of my information I find online. It’s still from a reputable source since I read an article from CBC or The National Post. Unfortunately it also means that I often find out about things by word of mouth. When I got my voter card I had to go to google maps to see where the location was. When I was talking to my super the following week it was actually further than I thought it was. Remember when we would look up in the tv guide to see what was available that evening? Now with On Demand or PVR that doesn’t even matter although I guess you have to know when your favourite show is on in order to record it!
I just thought of another one…THE SMELL CHECK. If it can walk downstairs on it’s own it’s time to do laundry

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