Always together in my heart

If you type the word love on an iPad it will show up as a heart. For the title of my post I used what it says on a locket I received as a gift for my 35th birthday. It’s special because it has my family picture on one side and me and Janet on the other. My friend understood what that year meant to me because I knew my Dad might not make it to our birthday, missing my twin and then my brother getting married and the emotions that came with that. My heart was so broken but I was surrounded by love.
For my birthday I got my nails done. It’s something that I seem to only do on my birthday. I sat outside at a table for 2 and while I was waiting for my dessert I could almost feel Janet’s presence there. There is something comforting about being in the old neighbourhood.
How appropriate that this is the word for today. On Thursday my Uncle emailed me early in the morning asking if I would like to meet him for coffee at the market. I finally got back to him yesterday and he said he was going to be going to the market this morning. I waited to see watch the news and there was a chance of rain but I think it was going to hold off until the afternoon. We enjoyed a coffee together and he gave me a birthday card. He also bought me a treat from his favourite dessert lady. Eventually I’m getting together with a friend who draws a picture in my birthday card and Christmas card. It’s one of those things that some days I’ll smile and some days it makes me cry. My current profile picture is one she drew in colour and Janet is talking to me. 3 years ago she drew one where Janet is holding a balloon. She told me she thought she was finished and then she decided on a whim to draw in a balloon. There are so many times when I know that it is Janet speaking through her heart.
My Mom used to say that I would have a birthday week. It’s about spending time with friends. It’s no longer cake and ice cream, maybe a light lunch. Filling the heart.


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